How thoughts effect our Environment and Circumstances

How do our thoughts affect our circumstances and environment? The Kundalini is a powerhouse of radiant energy. The effect of your thoughts may penetrate far beyond the physical and deep into your outer environment.  What kind of thoughts do you harbor? What kind of intentions do you harbor? What kind of desires do you harbor? Impure thoughts, intentions and desires are no match for this divine light.  If attendant, they will be pressed out sooner or later.  There is very little privacy in the spiritual realms.  It takes a lot of energy to hide, plot and scheme the fulfillment of desires detrimental to ones well-being. As beautiful and fulfilling as they may have appeared at one point, one day they must be evaluated to determine their worth and value upon this sacred path. Impure desires can be like a ball an chain around the neck, like carrying the world on ones shoulders.  Ever finally get the thing you were after, only once you finally stopped searching for it? This his how desires can manifest in our lives. Being an open channel of divine radiance… that which is resident and resonates within you,  if it does not fit the highly moral social fabric of the society your radiance envelopes, will be cleared either for you, or by you. What will you choose? Now the power of the mind, this is something that can be amplified greatly in Kundalini awakened individuals, and certainly tamed and mastered over time.  Notice how your thoughts, intentions, and judgements influence your circumstances in life.

“Desires arise from memory of experiences of the past. They are also projections onto the future. Selfish desires are outgrowths from competition and comparisons. Whatever the root of these desires, take the battle-ax of the Devi and cut them off before its too late. Discrimination serves very well as a battle-ax because not all desires are detrimental to our growth. A desire to grow in character and spirituality is necessary for growth to take place. Desires have to be carefully evaluated. What can we do about old desires manifesting when we have progressed beyond that point? Pray. Ask that the desires that accompanied a lesser state of development will not be fulfilled. With a greater awareness of needs, there is a greater attempt to simplify life in order to remove all possible distractions from the chosen path. Desires have to be carefully evaluated.

Reunification of desires can be achieved without pain and frustration if the contents or the fulfillment of them are well reasoned out. Leaving them to the emotions means that the attachment is still there, that we really want this or that, but are denying ourselves. It is important to make a list of desires, to look at each, and to evaluate with discrimination.

Negative thoughts, if left unattended, bereft of energy, will die by themselves, like a plant without nourishment.”

Swami Sivananda Radha – Kundalini Yoga for the West


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