Kundalini & Positive Affirmations – Kundalini Syndrome

What does your inner dialogue say about you? “I am strong,” “I am able,” “I am confident…” “I can accomplish anything,” “or “I can’t do this,” “I am unable,” “I don’t look good enough,” “I am unworthy” or perhaps “life sucks.”  Many of us initiate dialogue within ourselves without knowing the true power of our words and intentions. Words have resonance, they have incredible power. They have the ability to manifest anything we want in life, literally. What we say about ourselves is what we become. You can use this to your advantage. (cont)

  Make a list of daily affirmations (I am’s) that resonates with your heart, and recite them throughout the day, whenever you need them. This will be especially helpful if you have doubts, fears, stress, anxiety, anything that affects your inner dialogue or health.  Watch your inner dialogue and change every self doubt around into positive affirmations.  Even if it doesn’t seem true at first, DO IT ANYWAY.  You are not seeking to lie to yourself, you are seeking to manifest what you want. For example, “I am healed,” “I am disciplined,” “I am beautiful,” “I am loved,” “I am at peace,” or “I am going to enjoy my day at work today.” What you say will come chasing you down, and will initiate the process regardless of what you may have previously  thought was so.  Write them down and recite them daily. Do it first thing when you awake up in the morning. Do it last thing before you fall asleep. Never stop until you never stop. This will change your life forever. You have everything you need within you to accomplish literally anything you wish in life.  Allow your dreams to flourish, your greatest aspirations to become a reality, who you were intended to be and, never forget your gratitude’s for every blessing in your life. Do. them. every. day. It will change your life.


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